Geography of Agribusiness in Bulgaria

Assist. Prof. PhD Dr. P. Patarchanov, Assist. Prof. PhD R. Nedkov

(optional course)


The main objective of the course Geography of agribusiness in Bulgaria is to provide the necessary knowledge of the future bachelors in geography for the leading sector of the national economy of Bulgaria. Agribusiness is seen as a complex multi-domain system is organized on the territory of the country. The organizational structure is aligned with the new standards required for EU membership.

The program of the course is part of an extensive in several disciplines comprehensive program of socio-economic geography of Bulgaria (Block B). In view of the national interests, special attention was paid to the orientation and relationship of Bulgarian agribusiness with countries of the EU and with neighboring countries. Agribusiness is the economic phenomenon whose geographical exploration, explanation and development in the country has a high theoretical and applied value. The transition to a market economy, public orientation towards the EU and our economic realities make this system (Agribusiness Bulgaria) too topical for learning and teaching in geography. Geographical views on agribusiness comply with modern ideas and legislation farm - owned sector-branch structure, administrative-territorial structure and others. factors. Besides the understandable focus on agriculture and manufacturing in the course special attention to market research, organization and implementation, as well as the organization of social activities.