05.Book Milkova RegionsTitle: "Natural-Public Areas / Regions - Theoretical Focus and Geographic Identities in Bulgaria"

Description: The introduction of monographic work focuses on the relevance and significance of regional issues in public geography. It presents some results of surveys conducted with students from the GGF of the Sofia University and conclusions from the teaching process of the SIGB discipline - some of the author's motives for interpretation of the concepts of region, region, zoning as a method and purpose of geographic research and of natural - the regional regions in Bulgaria as a quintessence of regional geography..

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The first part of the monograph - Theoretical aspects of natural-social zoning, makes a survey of terminology in various regional science schools, reveals the essence of zoning in the discourse of the systemic and cultural-landscape paradigm as well as the evolution of ideas for economic zoning in Bulgaria. The second part of the monograph - Geographical Regions in Bulgaria - identities of the territories of investment and localization models and cultural landscapes is placed on the material and spiritual potential of each natural-territorial territorial unit, spatial identity of demographic, urban, economic, investment localization processes cultural and landscape diversity. It focuses on the appreciation of the widely expressed differences and inequalities in the national space of Bulgaria and the need for new creative ideas and approaches in the interpretation of the regional themes in the Bulgarian social geography.
The conclusion synthesizes the foundations and ideas of the author and the theoretical and applied enrichment of the Regional Geography of Bulgaria with research from the thematic circle of the identity of the region, the territorial identity and the spatial images.

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Year of issue: 2017