07.D.Dimitrov Regional policy and regional developmentTitle"Dimitar Dimitrov: Regional Development and Regional Policy in Bulgaria"


This book is a general study of the author on the problems of regional development and regional policy in Bulgaria over the past three decades. The book analyzes the depopulation processes in Bulgaria and outlines depressed geographic regions with the worst demographic characteristics, socio-economic and infrastructure problems. The origin and factors for these problems are also analyzed.

The book is intended for a wide range of readers: students studying in specialties preparing regional development and policy specialists, experts in these problem areas as well as for all readers with interests on these important and important issues for our society.

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Year of issue: 2017

The book discusses the main tools in the implementation of regional policy in the country, which according to the author can lead to the gradual overcoming of the negative tendencies and processes in the regional development of Bulgaria.

The author justifies a model for a new administrative-territorial division and country structure which is adequate to the processes of transformation in the last decades and serves as a sustainable territorial basis for the implementation of regional policy for a longer period of time. Protected is the thesis that it is rational to achieve the territorial overlap between the socio-economic regions, the districts and the planning regions in Bulgaria.