IMG .09 DSPhD Student Desislava Stoyanova

Dissertation: "Ethno-religious risks and challenges for South Eastern Europe"

Interests: Ethno-political conflicts in Southeast Europe, Minorities and refugee processes


"Bosnian conflict through the eyes of ordinary people" - magazine. Geopolitics (only uploaded to the site); co-author with Hristina Nikolova

"Current situation and prospects for Roma integration in Bulgaria" - magazine. Geopolitics issue. 4/2014. co-author with Miglena Kislev

IMG .10 KTPhD Student Kaloyan Tsvetkov

Disseratation: "The transformation of urban space in socialist and post-socialist period on the example of Sofia, Bucharest and Bratislava"

Interests: Transformation of urban space, settlements and urbanization processes, Public transport


"Development of sustainable transport and transport system in Sofia", a report from the second scientific and business conference "Sustainable Regional Development in Bulgaria", Sofia, November 2016

IMG .08 KSPhD Student Kristina Stoyanova

Dissertation: Regional development and regional planning of Bulgaria: Methodology and Management

Interests: Regional Planning, Socio-Economic Geography

Publications: Dimov, N. Stoyanova, Kr.,,, regionalism, inequalities and zoning of the national space: pillars for effective and fair regional policy '', Proceedings of the International jubilee scientific conference,, European practices and national reflexes in planning '' Volume 1, 24-25 april 2015, Akad.ed.

IMG .12 STPhD Student Stefka Timareva

Dissertation: "Opportunities, barriers and prospects for development of tourism in ruralnite Plovdiv district"

Interests: Tourism, Agricultural and rural tourism, cultural and historical tourism


1. European Union for the development of tourism in Bulgaria for the period 2007-2013 - Prof. Dr. Habil. Peyo Peev, ace. Stefka Timarevo Proceedings - Academic Edition "Print Center for Integration and Cultural Agricultural College" - Plovdiv 2011, ISBN: 978-954 -9498-62-2, str.241 - 249

2. Effects and efficiency of businesses in tourism - Prof. Dr. Habil. Peyo Peev, ace. Stefka Timarevo given at the II nd National Conference for Young Scientists, assistants and graduate students at the Technical University -. Plovdiv 2011

IMG .11 VIPhD Student Vladimir Ilchev

Dissertation: "The possibilities of Bulgaria for participation in the elaboration of a European strategy for food security for the period 2014- 2020 year"

Interests: Regional security, Agriculture, Food security, GMO, Socio-Economic geography, IT, Computer programming


Development of Agriculture in Europe after World War II - Collection of Geography and friends; ed. Paradigm, 2016. GGF 200x200