Geography of Agribusiness in Bulgaria

Assist. Prof. PhD Dr. P. Patarchanov, Assist. Prof. PhD R. Nedkov

(optional course)


The main objective of the course Geography of agribusiness in Bulgaria is to provide the necessary knowledge of the future bachelors in geography for the leading sector of the national economy of Bulgaria. Agribusiness is seen as a complex multi-domain system is organized on the territory of the country. The organizational structure is aligned with the new standards required for EU membership.

The program of the course is part of an extensive in several disciplines comprehensive program of socio-economic geography of Bulgaria (Block B). In view of the national interests, special attention was paid to the orientation and relationship of Bulgarian agribusiness with countries of the EU and with neighboring countries. Agribusiness is the economic phenomenon whose geographical exploration, explanation and development in the country has a high theoretical and applied value. The transition to a market economy, public orientation towards the EU and our economic realities make this system (Agribusiness Bulgaria) too topical for learning and teaching in geography. Geographical views on agribusiness comply with modern ideas and legislation farm - owned sector-branch structure, administrative-territorial structure and others. factors. Besides the understandable focus on agriculture and manufacturing in the course special attention to market research, organization and implementation, as well as the organization of social activities.


History of Geographical Discoveries

Prof. PhD V. Boyadzhiev, Assist. Prof. PhD P. Patarchanov

(optional course)

geographical discoveries 

The main objective of the course "History of geographical discoveries" is to give bachelors in geography scientifically necessary professional knowledge of the most significant achievements of the geographical science. The theme of geographical discoveries seen in two plans: a common methodological and here compares the development of geography with the development of other sciences and society, and specific geographic in which monitored the development of geography as a logical and often expected sequence of discoveries. The course focuses on the chronological beginning and periodizira discoveries in geography from antiquity to the present day. Besides rich culture geographic students get a chance to reflect a professional, geographical way great geographical discoveries and realize their role in social development, including the theory and practice of geography. Main attention is paid to the medieval discovery of previously unknown continents, new lands, which became a turning point between the old and new time in society and between the coming of ancient geography and the geography of the modern type. The initial and subsequent paradigms of development of geography maintained the importance of the discoveries in geography.

His modest but respectable place have knowledge related to geographic knowledge and representation of the Bulgarian lands. The course builds bridges of cooperation with history, philosophy, natural science, political science, economics.


Ethno-Political Conflicts in the EU

Assoc. Prof. Georgi Bardarov

(optional course)


The EU project is in the very beginning of its development and is still a short period to assess the positive and negative sides of the peoples of the continent. Historical tradition in Europe needs the integration of geographic space, transformation of frontiers and new thinking for its approval as a factor and global "player" in the global geospatial. Could this happen without overcoming the incumbent centuries negative narratives, hatred and confrontation in relations between the peoples of Europe? The design of evil on the image of the closest neighbors has long been a driving force in the politics of many European countries. Behind the mask of nationalism and national idea concealed much higher and corporate interests, political machinations, intrigues and frank cynicism of the ruling circles.

Today, Europe is emerging from the era of the national idea, but conflicts emerged therein are not allowed. They more than anything else threaten the future of the union. There can be no prosperous EU, while there is intolerance between Irish and English, Basque and Spanish, Serbs and Albanians, Turks and Kurds or Georgians and Ossetians.

The course aims to analyze the genesis, periodization, parameters and current state of the most violent and persistent ethno-confessional conflicts in the EU and its border, present positions of the entities and to predict their future development and impact on the overall EU sustainability.

Geography of Transport and Economic Relations

Assist. Prof. PhD D. Dimitrov

(optional course)


The geography of transport and economic relations is an organic component of the socio - economic geography of Bulgaria. It is for the further specialized training of students by socio - economic geography of Bulgaria. The main objective of the course is to clarify the nature of the transport system of Bulgaria and clarify trends and characteristics in the development of external economic relations of Bulgaria. In the curriculum analyze the problems of the national transport system regarded as an aggregate of all modes. The focus is on conditions and factors affecting the genesis and regional development of individual transport subsystems.